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I am an independent tutor who is dedicated to helping students succeed in math and physics. Developing a relationship with students is the first and most important step in teaching difficult subjects. To that end, I cater my tutoring approach to students personalities and interests. This is something that is difficult to do in the classroom setting and a reason many student have trouble succeeding in math and hard sciences, but tutors have a unique opportunity to provide personalized material and examples that a student can relate to. Combining this philosphy with my classroom teaching experience I can help students find success and a sense of confidence in their math and science classes.

Below are just a few testimonials from families and organizations that I have worked with.

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Evan to the Rescue!

Evan to the Rescue! My daughter struggled through freshman math. She is dyslexic and has never been strong in math. We had resigned ourselves to a student who, struggling with a learning difference, would be consigned to remedial math for the rest of her high school career. As a last ditch attempt, we hired Evan 6 weeks before her freshman final exams.At the time she was rocking a C- in math. She worked with Evan once a week and began, for the first time in her academic career, to understand the reasoning behind the math.

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